Nintendo Switch
Available November 16, 2018

Your Poké Ball, your adventure!

The Poké Ball is a vital item for any Pokémon Trainer, used to catch Pokémon and carry them around on your travels.

Introducing a new device with a similar look and feel – Poké Ball Plus!

With Poké Ball Plus in your hand, your Pokémon adventures jump out of the screen and into the real world.

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Every Poké Ball Plus contains the Mythical Pokémon Mew!

What can Poké Ball Plus do?

Poké Ball Plus Nintendo Switch

Poké Ball Plus


Nintendo Switch
Use with Pokémon: Let’s Go

The Poké Ball Plus device can be used with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee for Nintendo Switch. Instead of using the Joy-Con, you can use Poké Ball Plus to navigate in-game menus, explore the world and battle with Pokémon.

Catch Pokémon

Poké Ball Plus features motion controls. If a wild Pokémon appears, you can move Poké Ball Plus as if you were throwing an actual Poké Ball to catch it!

Please note: be aware of your surroundings while playing and attach the wrist strap included with the product to avoid injury or damage.

Realistic sounds, lights and vibration

When you catch a Pokémon, not only will Poké Ball Plus light up, but you can actually feel it rumble and hear the Pokémon inside. It feels like you really caught a Pokémon!

Take your Pokémon with you

Store a Pokémon in the Poké Ball Plus device and take it out with you in the real world – the more you walk, the stronger your Pokémon will become!

If you gently shake Poké Ball Plus, you’ll feel vibrations and hear the Pokémon inside.

Please note: it’s possible to disable the sounds.

Poké Ball Plus Smartphone

Poké Ball Plus


Use with Pokémon GO!

Just like with Pokémon GO Plus, Poké Ball Plus gives you more fun and freedom in your search for Pokémon in Pokémon GO!

Find Pokémon without looking at your smartphone

If a Pokémon appears nearby, Poké Ball Plus will let you know. Press the button on Poké Ball Plus to throw a Poké Ball, and the device will light up and vibrate to let you know if your catch was successful.

As long as Poké Ball Plus is connected to your smartphone, it’ll also measure the distance you travel, so you can hatch eggs or get candy from your buddies.

Features and specifications

Poké Ball Plus Features
  1. LED
  2. Connector cover [USB Type-C™ compatible terminal]
  3. Control Stick
  4. Top Button
  5. Strap
  6. Support ring
  7. Strap lock
  8. Safety release

Available: 16/11/2018

Please check with your local retailer for information on current availability. 

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! + Poké Ball Plus Pack Nintendo

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Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! + Poké Ball Plus Pack Nintendo

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48mm in diameter (not including protruding parts)
Approx. 65g
Internal battery:
Lithium Ion 220mAh
Do not replace the battery yourself. The battery must be removed and replaced by a qualified professional. Please contact Nintendo Customer Service for more information
Charging time:
Approx. 3 hours
(can be charged using the Nintendo Switch AC adapter HAC-002)
Accelerometer, gyro sensor
Other features:
Vibration, sounds
Poké Ball Plus

Poké Ball Plus Nintendo

Available November 16, 2018

Pack contents:
Poké Ball Plus, USB charging cable, instruction sheet