Nintendo Switch Support

    • Can I use an external hard drive with my Nintendo Switch console?

      No, you cannot use an external hard drive with a Nintendo Switch console.

    • There isn't enough free space in the Nintendo Switch console's system memory. What should I do?

      Please use a microSD card (sold separately).

      Save data can only be saved in the console's system memory.

      If you'd like to make free space in the system memory, you can do so by archiving software data.

    • There isn't enough free space on my microSD card. What should I do?

      If you run out of free space on your microSD card, you can transfer the data to a higher-capacity microSD card using a computer.

    • The Nintendo Switch console won't recognise the microSD card, or I can't select the microSD card as a save destination even though it's inserted into the console
      • Is the microSD card properly inserted into the console?
         →Turn the console off, then try inserting the microSD card again.
      • Is the microSD card slot dirty?
         →Wipe any dirt away with a soft cloth. Make sure to wipe the slot gently to avoid damaging it.
      • Is the microSD card broken?
         →Please contact Nintendo Customer Service if you think that the microSD card may be broken.
    • Can I move data saved in the Nintendo Switch console's system memory to a microSD card?

      You can copy screenshots to a microSD card.

      Start System Settings and then select Data Management ⇒ Save Data/Screenshots ⇒ Manage Screenshots to copy screenshots between the system memory and the microSD card.

      Software data cannot be moved from the console's system memory to the microSD card.

      If you'd like to store software data on the microSD card, you must first delete the data from the console's system memory. Then, open Nintendo eShop and redownload the data to the microSD card.

      Save data cannot be saved to a microSD card.

    • How do I consolidate data saved on multiple microSD cards to a single microSD card?

      Screenshots and software data downloaded from Nintendo eShop can both be saved on a microSD card inserted into the console. However, downloaded software data can't be transferred to another microSD card using a computer. In order to save software data to a different microSD card, you'll have to insert that microSD card into the console and then redownload the data from Nintendo eShop.

      Screenshots will be saved to the "NintendoAlbum" folder on the microSD card. You can transfer screenshots from the microSD card to a computer. Please be aware that the Nintendo Switch console won't be able to recognise the screenshots if you change the file or folder names or the folder location on the microSD card.

    • Game Save Data is Missing or Cannot Be Read

      Save data is tied to each user account and is stored on the system memory.

      1. If there are multiple user accounts on the console, verify that you are using the correct user.
        If a user account has been deleted, all save data associated to that user will also be deleted and cannot be recovered.

      2. Start the game or software application and select your save file.
        • If the save file for a given user is missing, you will need to start your game progress again.

        • Remember to always save your progress correctly and close the software application before shutting down the console.
      3. Verify if the issue is happening with other games or applications.
        • If possible, try starting a different game or application. Then attempt to save your progress.

        • If the game progress cannot be saved, or if an existing save file cannot be read, try initializing the console via maintenance mode without deleting the save data.
      • Situation Not Resolved:
        If the issue persists, the console will need to come in for repair. Be sure to include any problematic game cards, or indicate with which downloaded software this issue is occurring.

    • My game or software didn't save properly
      • Did you close the software or turn off the console without saving? Or did the console run out of battery before you could save?
        →If you close the software or the console loses power before you've saved, any unsaved progress will be lost. Please make sure to save before closing the software or turning off the power. Some software includes an auto-save function and will save automatically.
      • Are you using your game card in a different console from usual?
        →Your save data is stored in the system memory of your Nintendo Switch console, not on the game card itself.
    • What happens if I delete a user?

      Deleting a user from the console will also delete all that user's save data.

    • How to Check the Error History
      • When an error code is received on the Nintendo Switch console, it will be saved within the error history log for future reference.

      • The 10 most recent errors will be saved to the console's error history, with the most recent errors being displayed towards the top of the list.
      1. Select "System Settings" from the HOME Menu. 
      2. Select "Support/Health & Safety." 
      3. Select "Error History." 
      4. A list of recent errors will be displayed. Scroll through the list, and select the error you wish to view. 
      5. Once selected, you can choose from the following options:
        • View the Error
          Displays the error message associated with the error code.
        • Network
          Displays information on the network settings at the time of the error.
        • Software
          Displays information on the software used at the time of the error.
        • System
          Displays information on the console settings at the time of the error.
    • What Is Lost After Initializing the Nintendo Switch?

      Initializing the Nintendo Switch will remove the following data:

      • All data in the system memory, including software, save data, screenshots, and user information will be deleted, restoring the console to factory settings.

      • All software saved on the microSD card, except for screenshots, will become unusable. (Data on the microSD card will not be deleted.)

      • Any Nintendo Accounts linked to the console will not be deleted, but they will be unlinked from the system.
        • Your Nintendo Account contains your Nintendo eShop purchase history and balance. By re-linking your Nintendo Account after initializing the console (to the same system or a different one), it is possible to re-download any software or DLC purchased using that account.