Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

At Nintendo, we define our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches.

The Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report details how we are working locally and globally to achieve this goal.

Please click here to read the Global CSR Report (available in English and Japanese).

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Here are some of Nintendo Australia’s recent CSR activities:

    • Bringing Smiles to NAL employees and their families

      In September 2018, the CSR Committee organised the annual “Bring your child to work” event – a highlight on the CSR Calendar for many reasons! This was an occasion for Nintendo staff to bring their children (ages 1 year – 18 years) to work and provide them an overview of what their parents do at Nintendo. It is also a chance for the employees’ children to socialise with the Nintendo team and ask all their questions about Nintendo games. With the highest attendance to date of 40 children and with great collaboration between the CSR team and the business, the event was a resounding success.

    • Continuous Support for the Starlight Children’s Foundation

      Every year we invite children from the Starlight Children’s Foundation (and their families) to visit our head office at Nintendo Australia and play games.  The idea being to take the families away from the regular hospital visits and allow some freedom where hospital wards and doctors can be forgotten for a short time. October 2018 was the 6th year NAL have run the event.

    • Mental Health In The Workplace

      Understanding mental health enables us all to be more educated and informed regarding our own well-being and mental health as well as how to identify and offer support to others showing signs of mental health issues.

      Nintendo Australia asked VECCI (Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to conduct a training session on Mental Health Awareness for NAL staff members. The event coincided with the national R U Ok? Day. R U OK is a national suicide prevention charity committed to encouraging and empowering everyone to ask, “Are you OK?” of anyone struggling with life. This event was a way for NAL to support its’ employees and provide a safer environment in which to work.

    • Fun learning for STEAM students at the local libraries

      There continues to be a growing interest from communities for innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)-based learning opportunities and activities. To support STEAM learning Nintendo Australia has worked with the Eastern Regional Libraries to deliver Mario Maker activities for local primary school aged children. In 2018, libraries held sessions engaging more than 200 children and their families in this program. Participants learned to create levels in Mario Maker, continuously testing their designs to change and improve them.

    • Business Clean Up Day

      Business Clean Up Day is held in conjunction with Clean Up Day Australia Day and is an annual event in Australia. For the last 5 years staff at Nintendo Australia have been involved in cleaning up a local area by picking up discarded rubbish. The local ‘clean up’ area is a walking and cycling track that runs along a creek near the NAL office. The creek is home to wildlife including water birds, fish and platypus. The rubbish collected is general waste as well as recyclables such as plastic bottles, cans, paper, and anything else which can be harmful to the local wildlife and environment.