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Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero for Wii U is the latest entry in the Star Fox series. Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy are back once again in the Star Fox mercenary team.

Release Date : Out Now

Players : 1 to 2

Availability : In-store / Downloadable


Mild themes and violence, online interactivity

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero for Wii U is the latest entry in the Star Fox series. Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy are back once again in the Star Fox mercenary team.

In this instalment, you use the TV screen to pilot your craft, while using the cockpit view on the Wii U GamePad to shoot down your enemies. Having two different views increases the freedom of what can be shown on the TV screen, making All-range mode an intense experience that feels brand new.

The Arwing craft that Fox and the team fly are now able to transform into ground-based robots called Walkers. You'll also have the chance to pilot the new drone-like craft, the Gyrowing, and the old favourite, the Landmaster, as you fight your way from one planet to the next.

  • Developed in partnership with PlatinumGames
  • Fan-favourite characters return, with new and well-known dialogue from Fox McCloud, Slippy, Peppy, Falco and more. Now it can sound like they’re talking in your ear, as if you're wearing a headset, thanks to clever sound technology
  • Players can intuitively pilot an Arwing by simply using both the right and left control sticks to perform familiar flight manoeuvres, such as somersaults, U-turns and barrel rolls
  • Replay the same exotic planets with other vehicles, and extra missions can be selected as well as the story
  • Pilot the new and improved Arwing with its new Walker transformation and take control of a new drone-type plane, the Gyrowing. The Landmaster also returns, equipped with a new, limited flight form


Please note that all content, media and artwork are based on this software as shown during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2015. Come back later for more information!

Star Fox Guard

Star Fox Guard banner

Use an array of cameras to protect Grippy Toad and his precious metal mining site in Star Fox Guard, only on Wii U.

Slippy Toad's uncle Grippy is busy with the job of gathering rare metals in space, but he's having trouble – he's being attacked by all kinds of enemies! Use Slippy's new invention to ward off waves of enemies and get them to leave Grippy alone!

Use 12 cameras, setting them up in various locations to find and attack any enemies that approach the mining site. Use the television screen and Wii U GamePad in tandem to work out where the enemies are, then blast them away!

You can also edit the placement of enemies and upload these enemy patterns online so others can play your stage. You can play in new ways by collecting rare metals when you upload stages, and also get rare metals by playing other players' stages.

Star Fox Guard will be available to download from Nintendo eShop on Wii U or as a Game Disc as part of Star Fox Zero's First Print Edition.

Take camera controls to a whole new level in Star Fox Guard!

See Star Fox Guard in action in the below trailer!



Star Fox Zero

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