Bravely Default II

The team behind the Bravely series and OCTOPATH TRAVELER return with Bravely Default II, coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2021!

Publisher : Nintendo

Release Date : Out Now

Players : 1

Availability : In-store / Downloadable

Mature themes and violence, online interactivity

Bravely Default II

Dare to risk it all

Explore a new world as you fight for survival with your customised team of heroes in Bravely Default II, a strikingly beautiful RPG adventure. Balance risk and reward in turn-based battles with the Brave and Default commands.

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Try it for free!

A free demo of BRAVELY DEFAULT II is now available! Explore the desert kingdom of Savalon and defeat the Asterisk holders in order to claim the power of these mysterious objects for yourself!

You can download it from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, or by clicking below.**


Four heroes, four crystals – one legendary adventure!

Join the Heroes of Light on their grand quest to restore balance to the world in BRAVELY DEFAULT II for Nintendo Switch!

Lead your party on a journey through five kingdoms as you seek to return the Crystals to their rightful home. Use Asterisks to unlock jobs and abilities that will allow you to take on all manner of monsters, and be sure to use the Brave and Default commands to manage the delicate balance of risk and reward!

Battle your way

With its Brave and Default system, BRAVELY DEFAULT II puts a unique twist on the turn-based RPG formula, by allowing players to go all-in on attacks at the cost of future turns, or adopt a defensive stance in order to bank turns for later use.

A balance between playing it safe or adopting a riskier strategy must be struck in order to prevail against the huge variety of enemies you’ll encounter.


Early purchase bonus

Purchase BRAVELY DEFAULT II from Nintendo eShop before 31/03/2021, and you'll receive a download code for an exclusive music track from the game's composer, Revo (redeemable from 26/02/2021.)


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**For automatic downloads, your system must be updated and connected to the internet with automatic downloads enabled, and it must have enough storage to complete the download.


An Excillant adventure

Our saga begins when a young sailor named Seth washes up on an unknown shore. He is rescued by Princess Gloria and her loyal retainer Sir Sloan, who are on a quest to recover the Crystals and restore harmony to the world.


Unsure about what has happened to him, Seth partners up with the duo, and the group is quickly joined by Elvis, a brash yet lovable scholar, and Adelle, a cool-headed mercenary. With the Wind Crystal already in their possession, these unlikely comrades set off in search of the rest of these priceless treasures.

As the world spins further out of control and dark forces seek to use the Crystals for their own nefarious ends, who knows what adventures await our brave heroes...


World travellers

Our heroes already have one Crystal in their possession, but the other three have been stolen, and are scattered around the world. It’s up to Seth and the gang to recover them all. Excillant is a big old place, so let’s take a look at some of the kingdoms you’ll be exploring on your adventure:



The coastal kingdom where Seth washes up.



A desert kingdom, currently beset by mysterious and devastating floods.



Elvis’s hometown, now under siege by rampaging plant life.



A frozen kingdom that faces catastrophe as a result of rising temperatures.

Heroes’ parade

Fate brings four strangers from different backgrounds together to become Heroes of Light!



A young sailor who suffered a mysterious accident at sea.



The Princess of the fallen kingdom of Musa. She was forced to flee after evil forces stole the Crystals from her kingdom.



A scholar determined to decipher a magical book left to him by his mentor, Elvis travels the world in search of the Asterisks that he believes hold the key to solving its mystery.



A mercenary hired by Elvis to protect him on his travels. She is also on the hunt for her missing sister.


Travel across the world with your band of heroes, defeating foes to earn precious experience points, money and other useful items as you explore dungeons, towns and much, much more. If you’re ever lost while out exploring, head for the yellow marker on the world map to press ahead with your adventure.


Now it’s your turn

Spotted an enemy while out and about? Simply approach them to engage in combat! Every ally and enemy will attack in turn, giving you time to figure out the right move to seize victory.

Be sure to pick your battles, though, and be aware that stronger opponents may chase after you. What’s more, if they manage to attack you from behind, they’ll start the fight with some special bonuses!

Using Brave and Default

Along with an assortment of different attacks, skills and spells, all party members have access to two very special commands: Brave and Default. These actions allow you to accumulate or spend your Brave Points (BP), with each point allowing you to perform one action during your turn.

Use Brave to throw yourself into the fray and deliver a flurry of decisive blows, or stick with Default to give yourself time to safely build up for an all-out attack.

Managing your BP is key to becoming an unbeatable force on the battlefield, so don’t get reckless. Be sure to save up some extra BP before launching into that huge attack, or you could end up in the red – and unable to do anything the following turn!


Finding the perfect job

While recovering the Crystals is the main objective of their quest, Seth and his friends are also on the hunt for Asterisks – magical objects that grant the user special skills and abilities.

They’re currently in the possession of an array of evil individuals determined to stand in the party’s way. It’s up to you to defeat them and wrest the Asterisks from their control!

Once acquired, you can unlock the power of an Asterisk to take on the associated job. Party members can have both a Main Job and a Sub Job, allowing you to create a unique blend of talents to use in the heat of battle. Bear in mind that the more experienced a character becomes in a job, the more benefits that job will provide. Be sure to try out as many as possible!

Here are just a few of the jobs your motley crew can try their hands at:


Somewhere beyond the sea

Want to level up your party when you’re not playing? Expeditions allow you to head off across the open ocean while your Nintendo Switch is in Sleep Mode. A successful voyage will reap benefits such as items that grant you extra HP, EXP and Job Points.

Connecting to the internet will also allow your heroes to meet up with other seafarers, potentially earning even more precious loot in the process!

Fancy a game?

Saving the world really takes it out of you, and sometimes you just need a break. Luckily, you can relax with B ‘n’ D, Excillant’s favourite pastime! Simply talk to anyone with a card icon above their head to begin a round of this game of tactical territorial back-and-forth!

Defeat opponents, claim their cards, and aim to fill your binder!

Bravely Default II